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Preconception care


Pre-pregnancy planning aims to ensure a healthy pregnancy and enhance pregnancy outcomes. Women who have underlying health conditions or have family histories of genetic disorders benefit from preconception care, ensuring that they are in optimum health and that any testing and medication adjustments are completed before pregnancy occurs.

Learning aims and objectives

On completion of this resource, you will have an understanding of:

  • What is meant by preconception care
  • Features of preconception care that impact on the woman
  • Features of preconception care that impact on the fetus
  • Features of preconception care that impact on the pregnancy.

Keywords and linking topics

Preconception care, pre-pregnancy planning, screening for congenital anomaly

The activities and questions that form part of this resource will enable you to assess your knowledge and reflect on how you can incorporate it into your own practice. In the following questions, please select the answer that you believe to be correct. This will be marked and then you move on to the next question. If you wish, at the end you can return for a further attempt at the questions.

Upon completion of the module, you will be able to download and save or print a certificate to include in your CPD/revalidation portfolio.