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Evidence-based practice in midwifery

Evidence-based practice in midwifery 


Research is the searching for, gathering and analysis of information in a systematic manner, usually to answer a particular question or problem. Research is an essential component of midwifery, and midwives must take ownership of how their profession will evolve further (Steen and Roberts 2011: 168).

This resource aims to:

• Introduce midwives and students to research in midwifery

• Provide an opportunity for reflection and evaluation of own experiences with research

• Reaffirm, encourage and educate midwives and students how paramount they are in the future evidence-based practices we offer to women and families

• Instigate some interest and enthusiasm that the reader may wish to pursue research within the midwifery profession.

Learning aims and objectives

On completion of this resource, you should have an understanding of:

• The importance and value of research and evidence-based practice within midwifery

• Basic knowledge regarding research and midwifery-led research

• The roles and responsibilities midwives and student midwives can have in midwifery research

• How to assist and support midwifery research

• The implications and consequences of research in midwifery

Keywords and linking topics

Research in midwifery, midwifery-led research, midwifery profession, evidence-based practice in midwifery, good standards of care

Activities and questions at the end of this resource will enable you to assess your knowledge and reflect on how you can incorporate it into your own practice. In the following questions, please select the answer that you believe to be correct. This will be marked and then you can move on to the next question. If you wish, at the end you can return for a further attempt at the questions.

Upon completion of the module, you will be able to download and save or print a certificate to include in your CPD/revalidation portfolio.