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ADVANCING PRACTICE Learning through teaching: a peer teaching innovation in midwifery education

Sophie Whitecross

Midwifery Lecturer, Swansea University

Susie Moore

Midwifery Lecturer, Swansea University

Sian Vaughan

Midwifery Student, Swansea University (now newly qualified Midwife)

 (January 2017)

Peer led teaching (PLT) is a method whereby one group of students is involved in the teaching of another (McKenna and French 2011). Whilst almost all universities worldwide offer some form of peer support for learning, the lack of available literature suggests that peer teaching is not well integrated into pre-registration midwifery education. This article explores the experiences of both second- and third-year student midwives involved in a peer teaching initiative as part of preparation for an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) assessment. Third year students acted as peer teachers for small groups of second year students learning new practical skills related to the management of maternity emergencies. The findings of this evaluation suggest significant benefits of PLT for both groups of students.

ADVANCING PRACTICE Clinical guidelines     

Elaine Uppal

Senior lecturer in Midwifery at the University of Manchester and Pathway leader of the MSc Advancing Midwifery Practice and Leadership programme

 (January 2016)

Elaine Uppal focuses on the importance of all midwives developing guideline writing skills to ensure that local, national and international midwifery/maternity guidelines are up to date, relevant and reflect midwifery knowledge alongside ‘gold’ standard evidence. The article aims to consider the development, use and critical appraisal of clinical guidelines. It will define and explain guidelines; discuss their development and dissemination; and consider issues relating to their use in practice. Techniques to critique and develop guidelines using the AGREE tool will be outlined in the form of practice challenges to be undertaken by the individual or in a group.