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Fundal Height

Extracted from Myles Textbook for Midwives 15th Edition. Diane M. Fraser, Margaret A. Cooper (Eds). London; Churchill Livingstone: 2009. Courtesy Elsevier.


The distance between the top part of the uterus (the fundus) and the symphasis pubis (the junction between the pubic bones). Measurement of fundal height is undertaken to assess the increasing size of the uterus antenatally and decreasing size postnatally.

Assessing uterine size to compare it with gestation does not always produce an accurate result. If the uterus is unduly big the fetus may be large or it may indicate multiple pregnancies or polyhydramnios. When the uterus is smaller than expected the LMP may be incorrect, or the fetus may be small for gestational age. Further investigation is warranted.


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